Five Beneficial Habits to Follow When Using Clear Aligners

By providing a discrete and comfortable technique to straighten teeth, clear aligners have transformed orthodontic therapy. Whether you’ve used clear aligners before or not, developing certain behaviors will greatly improve your treatment and assist you in getting the results you want. We will look at five useful behaviors in this article that might help you get the most out of your clear aligner therapy.

1. Regular Wear

Maybe the most important habit for success with clear aligners is regular wear. Make wearing your aligners for the advised 20 to 22 hours per day a habit to achieve the outcomes you want. This entails wearing them all day and all night, taking them out just for meals and oral hygiene procedures. Missing or shortening your wear period can make your treatment take longer and affect the outcome.

Crucial Takeaway: Wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day as directed.
Just for meals and oral hygiene, take them off.
For your treatment to be effective, you must wear it frequently.

2. Adequate sanitation and oral hygiene

When wearing transparent aligners, maintaining great dental hygiene is essential. Make it a habit to brush your teeth and floss before re-applying your aligners after each meal or snack. Plaque buildup, cavities, and gum problems can all be avoided by keeping your teeth and aligners clean. In order to avoid discoloration and odors, clean your aligners on a regular basis with a clear aligner cleaning solution or mild soap.

Important Lesson: Always brush and floss after eating.
Regularly wash your aligners with an approved solution.
Your teeth and aligners will stay healthy if you practice good dental hygiene.

3. Bring Requisite Accessories

Another helpful habit when you’re on the run is preparation. Bring a compact kit that has an aligner case, a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. This guarantees that you can keep up your oral hygiene regimen even when you’re away from home and offers a secure location to keep your aligners when you temporarily need to take them out.

Assemble a kit with the necessities for oral hygiene.
When you need to remove your aligners, keep them in a safe case.
Keep hydrated.
With utilizing clear aligners, there are many advantages to drinking water throughout the day. Water assists in rinsing away food residue and lowers the possibility of staining or odor. Also, it keeps your mouth moist, reducing any pain brought on by dry lips and throat, which can occasionally happen when using aligners. Make it a routine to routinely drink water to maintain your mouth comfy and fresh.

Crucial Takeaway: Stay hydrated throughout the day to keep your mouth fresh.
Water keeps your mouth moist and reduces discomfort.

Keep your aligners in their case.

Make it a practice to put your aligners back in their case after removing them. Loss or damage may result from leaving them out on surfaces or wrapped in napkins. While not in use, keep them in their case to keep them clean and secure, extending their longevity.

Important Lesson: While not in use, keep your aligners in their case.
Your aligners’ purity and integrity are kept up by being protected.

Further Practice: Recurring Follow-Up Appointments

Attend your regular follow-up appointments if you are receiving clear aligner therapy from a dentist or orthodontist. These visits give your doctor a chance to check on how you’re doing and alter your treatment plan as required. These are essential to making sure your therapy continues as planned.

Important Lesson: Attend all scheduled follow-up meetings.
For your therapy to be effective, you must visit your doctor frequently.


Your commitment to developing healthy habits will have a big impact on how well your treatment goes, even if clear aligners are a quick and efficient way to straighten your teeth. You will benefit most from your clear aligner therapy if you are consistent with wearing them, practice good oral hygiene and cleaning techniques, are prepared, drink plenty of water, and safeguard your aligners by storing them in their case. You can obtain the smile you’ve been striving toward while keeping excellent dental health by adhering to these recommendations.

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