Discovering the Best Places to Live in Germany: Ideal Locations

Our list of the top 5 places to live in Germany can be useful if you’re considering moving there.

There are various places to reside in Germany because it is a very big and diversified country. The majority of expats opt to reside in major cities like Berlin and Frankfurt, however we are aware that not everyone enjoys the frenetic city life. The best places to live in Germany are described in this article.

1. Berlin

Germany’s capital, Berlin, is currently home to more than 3.5 million people. It is well-liked by foreigners since it has a top-notch, multicultural vibe that is difficult to find elsewhere in the nation.

Due to the city’s robust economy and promising career possibilities, young professionals are attracted to it. It is not hard to understand why living in Berlin is tempting to so many British expats. Berlin workers enjoy some of the highest wages in the world and receive significant perks and protections.

Berlin is renowned for its sustainable transportation system and is regarded as a very eco-friendly city. It is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also a very effective way to travel. There are 170 metro stations, a robust tram network, and an excellent bus system throughout the city. The most common form of transportation in this area is public transportation, which affects the amount of traffic and pollution in the city. Berlin is also well-known for its bike program, so if you enjoy cycling, this is the city for you. Almost 15% of all traffic on the streets is made up of bicycles, and there are 400 km of cycle lanes and bike stations for you to use.


While the English language isn’t as commonly spoken as it is in cities like Berlin, Düsseldorf is frequently disregarded by British expats going to Germany. Having said that, this city is undoubtedly worth taking into account if you want a true metropolitan lifestyle with a high quality of living.

Due to the wide selection of international schools, kindergartens, and playgroups in Dusseldorf, families frequently relocate there. There are many of family-friendly events and attractions in the city, including the Phantasialand Theme Park and the Grafenberger Wildpark, as well as numerous museums and theaters. In addition to offering a wide range of activities, Germany’s effective healthcare system and discounts for family transportation make this city even more alluring.

Dusseldorf’s location couldn’t be better if you enjoy traveling. Weekend travels home are undoubtedly feasible because Western Europe is so accessible. The third-largest airport in the nation, Düsseldorf offers excellent low-cost flights to a wide variety of locations.


Hamburg is a port city having access to the North Sea and a riverfront that follows the Elbe. The oceanic environment, mild winters, and stunning beaches are its main draws.

There are many job and business prospects in this city because of its significant international influence and status as a major commercial hub. Hamburg is a port city with a population of over 50% who are of foreign descent. As a result, Hamburg has a very diversified population.

The climate is considered to be oceanic, as was already established. With an average temperature of about 22 degrees, the warm summers are unlike any other. Hamburg’s moderate winters will appeal to you if you don’t like the cold. The lowest temperature, which occurs between December and February, is -2 degrees, and snowfall is also quite uncommon.


A traditional German town called Rottweil can be found close to the Black Forest. In fact, it is thought that this town is the oldest in Baden-Wurttemberg. Due to its cobblestone lanes, tall mansions, and charming storefronts, it is a very sought-after vacation spot among expats.

This can be the ideal location for you if you want to live an outdoor lifestyle. Rottweil is home to some of the most exquisite walking and cycling paths because of its location between the Swabian Alps and the Black Forest. The majority of people use their feet to travel around the small yet accessible town.

When the renowned Fasnet carnival visits Rottweil in early January, the town enjoys tremendous popularity. This is the ideal time to interact with the community and experience some traditional German culture. A lot of people dress up, and the performers parade around the streets wearing clay masks. You will never grow tired of the wide variety of entertainment on display at the carnival, no matter how often you go.

5. Binz

Germany’s northern city of Binz is situated right by the sea. Because of the lovely white sand, beach walks, and distinctive architecture, this place is a favorite with British expats.

For someone seeking for employment in tourism or hospitality, this is the ideal location. Binz experiences a very busy summer and is a particularly well-liked vacation spot among Germans. Before this seaside resort reaches its peak in the spring, you can take advantage of the fine weather and enjoy Binz’s 5-kilometer beach. There are lots of things to do, like volleyball, beach football, and aerobics classes, to keep you entertained.

History buffs also like visiting this place in great numbers. There is a lot to discover because of the traditional architecture. A fantastic museum and a spectacular former hunting palace from 1723 are also there. Even better, you may ride a steam train up to the palace and enjoy some breathtaking views.

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